How to create employee development plans that truly work

Do you find that employees lack motivation and aren’t sharing the company’s goals and ambitions? Aside from financial motivators and incentives, a study has found that a structured development is what 76% of people want! Investing in training seems like a good idea, but what if days or weeks later, everything learnt isn’t being applied because there’s no development plan or structure? Here at Breedon we know what it takes to come up with a great development plan that will get the results needed, see our tips below: 

What are your business goals? 

Before setting individual goals, the business goals need to be determined and then aligned to the development needs of your employees. For instance, the goals might require certain skills or knowledge that need applying in order to reach it. For example, if you have a new Manager/Leader, invest in leadership training. Expanding their career paths and learning opportunities will also help to retain valuable employees. 

Have you spoken to your employees? 

Never assume that an employee’s skill level and career aspirations will stay the same. As their employer there should be a good understanding of what their career goals are. By asking your team to assess the work they are producing and to talk about the challenges they have faced, it’ll be easy to determine that they could benefit from extra training or coaching/mentoring. A lot of employees realise their potential before their superiors do, so they may have development goals in mind but don’t know how to accelerate them or are too scared to ask for the support. If an employee has the potential to develop then it’s the duty of their manager to figure out what support can be provided to help them succeed. 

Consider all types of training and development 

Once you have figured the business objectives and the skills needed to reach them, you need to think about the best method of getting there. There are many options available, so it can be daunting choosing the right one. Bespoke workshops are a good option if there’s an entire team who need additional training. Online learning is also a great option, particularly if the team are busy, providing the flexibility to complete modules at a time that suits them. It’s important that if learning and development is outsourced that a provider is found who can create bespoke options for the business, to work closely with the team and to really understand what is needed and how to apply it. 

Regular Coaching Sessions 

Coaching sessions should be taking place to ensure that what has been learnt is being applied by team members. By monitoring their performance against the business objectives, it will be easy to see if any improvements need to be made. These sessions will help to pick up the areas that need additional support.  

Final thoughts…
At Breedon Consulting, we know how important Learning & Development is and how having a strong team behind you is vital! If you would like to find out more on our joined-up approach to people management then get in touch today. Call us on 01530 447 441 or drop an email to