HR Retained Services

From £250 month (guide price only)

With this option, you gain professional HR support from a named Breedon Consulting HR Adviser on all aspects of HR and supporting employment legislation matters. This means we get to know your business, your people, how you work and what’s important to you. Unlike helplines, all aspects of our service are managed by your named contact, so building background knowledge and creating an ongoing working relationship becomes part of the deal.

You will receive up to date, compliant HR documentation including a tailored Contract of Employment, Employee Handbook and access to template documentation and ‘how to’ guides.

This HR Option includes:

  • A named contact – your Breedon HR Specialist – to handle your HR support with direct telephone and email access
  • Launch meeting with your Breedon HR Specialist – a chance to get to know each other and to understand what’s important to your business
  • A Contract of Employment template, designed specifically for you
  • An Employee Handbook setting out key policies and procedures
  • Updates to your Contract and Handbook to ensure you keep in line with any legislative changes
  • A six-monthly on-site HR check, to see how your HR options are working for you
  • Telephone and e-mail support from your Breedon HR Specialist
  • Access to Breedon template letters and forms, all fine-tuned and in line with legislation
  • Access to Breedon ‘how to’ guides, leading you through key HR processes, procedures and scenarios
  • Regular updates on HR developments and any changes to employment legislation pertinent to your business and industry