Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

In the UK, work related stress causes the loss of thousands of hours of productivity every year. Mind For Better Mental Health have reported that more than 30% of staff don’t feel they are able to talk openly with their line manager if they were feeling stressed, with mental health affecting 1 in 4 people a lack of support at work can cause long-term absences and prolonged stress. Subsequently for employersit is increasingly important to become aware of the impact of mental health issues and the repercussions that this has on the workplace.The CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) therefore encourage employers to promote good mental health across your business. Below we have highlighted some key points surrounding how we can help you to overcome these issues as a business by providing the right support:

Understand how to support 

The CIPDhave detailed how there is still a stigma and misunderstanding about mental health. Providing the necessary training for managers will ensure that they are confident in being able to have conversations about mental health. Becoming aware of the spot signs and tackling the issues. Whether these spot signs are behavioural changes such as increased irritation, low productivity, distraction, confusion or turning up late/ being absent. Spotting these early can prevent escalation and help to provide the right support which the employee needs. 

Providing access to support 

Creating a structure which is clear and accessible to employees supports the reduction of the stigma of mental health issues. Allowing employees to take actions or access support even if they do not wish to discuss with their line manager. As an employer you have the ability to be proactive and open the access of support you can provide. This could be in the form of simply making sure your employees have a good work life balance, such as taking into consideration the amount of overtime which an employee is completing or setting up an Employee Assistance Programme.

Creating a framework to support

Committing to make a difference to mental health and making a change within the workplace can be approached by creating a framework of support. Whether this be an employee assistant program, advice helplines or simply letting employees know who they can turn to. Most importantly it involves sitting down with the employee and discussing the issues to remedy a solution. For instance, if there is a problem outside of work causing an impact, could an alternative working pattern or time off to deal with their mental health support this or could a service be recommended to help.  

In addition, as an employer you can help to promote wellbeing in the workplace, this could be as simple as encouraging your employees to go for a walk at lunchtime or making sure lunch is away from their desks, offering gym memberships, or providing fruit bowls. Little steps can make a big difference to an employee’s feelings, attitude and overall mental health. 

Need help?

Here at Breedon we pride ourselves on being experts on your people, we can provide assistance and advice with mental health related issues in the workplace. As a busy business owner, it is in your best interest to help your employees, but time is of the essence and it’s something that not many business owners have going spare. But that’s where we can help! 

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