Q&A with our Recruitment Expert

In an age where social media is more prominent, people tend to turn there for most information, including looking for jobs. A lot of companies use LinkedIn and other platforms to showcase the jobs they are offering. The times are constantly changing in the world of recruitment, that’s why we’ve caught up with our Recruitment Specialist Vicky Jenkinson to share her thoughts, predictions and tips for effective recruitment…

What are the challenges you face as a recruiter? 

At the moment the employment market is very tight because of high employment rates and therefore it’s driven by the candidate. The stats show that for every role being recruited, there are 1.6 active candidates in the market, so I’m finding that I’m increasingly headhunting and resourcing candidates rather than using the old school way of putting out a job advert with a closing date, booking a set day of interviews and waiting for the perfect candidates to show up. There aren’t a lot of people out there looking for jobs, so we need to be proactive and creative if we want to attract the best candidates! When I find someone who’s a good match and fits the role requirements, skill set, company culture and values of my client then I urge them to see the candidate ASAP. If you don’t push forward, then someone else will come along and snap them up, but a thorough ‘one stage’ interview process will reduce the risk of losing a good candidate. 

Why do you think recruitment is important? 

Having the best employees who share the company values and have a desire to succeed is at the heart of what every client wants. Therefore, to ensure we find the right employee it is paramount to have an effective recruitment and selection process, which matches both the needs of the company and the current recruitment market. This means thinking beyond technical capability to find the highest calibre of people who demonstrate the right attitude and behaviours, which in the long term will reduce attrition rates and will keep the candidate and hiring managers engaged.

What key qualities do you look for in candidates? 

Although each candidate is different in their own way, I do look for candidates who share the company values and culture, so that they’ll be a good fit. I can do this because I have a great understanding about each one of my clients and dig deeper than the job description and skill set. It goes without saying that each candidate should have a great work ethic and match the skills required for the role, but it’s important for me to see that potential employees are dependable. If a candidate can engage well, demonstrate a commitment to the recruitment process and do what they say, then it will always give them a head start.

Do you have any tips on recruitment? 

Make it a positive experience for candidates, whether they’re successful or not. That way, you can build a good strong brand as an employer and make sure you’re known as an employer of choice.  This means giving recruitment and selection the time and priority it deserves so you can hire the right person for the job, not just someone to fill the gap. We all know the cost of getting it wrong, so we need to focus on getting it right.

Describe your job in as little words as possible

Multi-faceted and fast paced. Not one day is the same! 


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